Three Roller Pipe Bending Machine

This type of machine is used to bend all types of tubes and pipes in different sizes and different shapes. In this we have two types.

1) Adjustable type

2) Fixed type

ADJUSTABLE TYPE: In this type every roller is a adjustable, so we can attain a small shape to be

FIXED TYPE : this only one roller is adjustable and remaining two are fixed type, in this also we can get the required shape

 Span Zig Zag Bending Machine
Specification PB-1 PB-2
Motor Power 2hp 3hp
Minimum Bending Size 0.5 inch 0.5 inch
Maximum Bending Size 2INCH* 2mm round
2INCH* 2mm squar
3INCH* 2mm round
3INCH* 2mm squar
Size Approx 900*800*1200mm 1100*950*1200mm
Maximum Angle Leading 360 degree 360 degree