Span Rod Bending Machine

Rod is being bent in zig- zag pattern in manufacturing of span and for low weight truss. This simple machine can be rod easy with less human effort.

 Span Rod Bending Machine Model Max bending size(mm) Motor power(hp) Machine size L x B x H (mm) Weight(kg)
1 RBZ -12 12 2 850x650x950 150
2 RBZ-16 16 3 850x650x950 180
3 RBZ-22 22 4 850x650x950 225

Automatic Pipe Cutting Machine

Conventional cutting machine can be converted in to automatic cutting machine. With this automation we can able to cut L angle, pipe, tube, etc in different length without manual intervention. We can able to load 75 to 100 pipe in time. Machine will cut one by one automatically. Various model and types of cutting machine are

a) Cut-off or chop saw machine automation.

b) Band machine automation.

c) Plasma torch cutting machine automation.

Automatic Pipe Cutting Machine

Automatic Drilling Machine

Usage of multi-drilling machine is costly equipment. Small and medium cannot afford to buy it. We have come up with simple and cost effective solution for doing multiple drill in a tube or pipe. With this setup we can able use convention drilling machine in single or more numbers to do drilling automatically. For manufacturing of prop, pipe need to be drilled for 12 to 13. With this machine we can machine to do drilling automatically.

Automatic Welding Machine

Welding automation is of two main types.

a) Semi automatic machine – welding to be done by manually, but the work piece holding and rotation can be done automatically. This avoids need of tag welding and maintains perpendicularity, even the cut pipe has cross. With this machine we use conventional arc or MIG machine. Increase welder productivity by double.

b) Automatic welding machine – Both work piece holding, rotating and welding happens automatically. This can be used for welding prop, ledger and pipe etc. Welding can be done with unskilled person, avoid need of having welder and its dependability.

Pipe bevelling machine

Bevelling of pipe to be done after cutting pipe for welding purpose. Normally it isdone in with grinding machine. Ankusam engineering have come with new compact and fast operating machine for burr removal and pipe bevelling machine. It can remove burr or bevelling in both inside and outside of pipe. It tools are inter-changeable.Power of 1 hp, both single and three phase motor power.

Pipe bevelling machine

Pipe bending machine

Used for bending pipe made from aluminium, copper, mild steel tube and pipes. Simple and easy to operate. For hand rail in staircase and engineering application.

Pipe bending machine